Can I start the countdown?

I know that all my readers who have been following my blog ever so closely have been so disappointed these last couple weeks, so I apologize for the lack of an update, but not much has really happened. That is until Monday. Oh look, I spoke to soon. Monday morning my grandma passed away. This heartbreaking news, was also an answer to prayer. And one more way in which God has continued my process in preparing me for Mazatlan.
I’m on the flight home now for her services. I’ve been asked to share a granddaughters POV. What a challenge, to capture who she was in only words, and what a honor. As I’ve been reflecting on her life, I find myself smiling a lot. Grandma was lovely, she was humble, sweet, and was quick to love instead of judge. As much as I think I will miss her, I think I will also see her now so clearly in my mom, as well as myself. She lived out Psalm 31 wonderfully. You Rock Grandma!
Another blessing this week was with my job. Many of you know the challenges I’ve faced caring for a 6 year old and a 2 year old who can be tough to manage sometimes. I tearfully approached their mother on Monday and resigned. What a weight lifted. It was sad, but God has bigger plans right now. My job, is to do my best to follow where He is leading me.
In exactly 24 days I will be in a new country. This will be the busiest 24 days that have ever happened. I have 2 days in Idaho, then I will head back to wrap up finals, somewhere in this madness I will pack up my house, and head back to Idaho to celebrate the birth of Jesus, sometime between the 26th and New Years I’ll be back to say some last goodbyes before I leave on January 3rd. Well, actually, maybe it’s not that much! It’s funny, I’m so scatterbrained, but I’m not even nervous (yet) God has already conquered all of this, why should I worry. I have peace. I am most worried about being able to find bathrooms in Mexico, DONDE BANO?!?!?
Ways you can be praying for me:
1. That My current trip to Idaho is a time of healing, joy, celebration, and closure.
2. That I will Faithfully finish up school.
3. Transition out of my house will go smoothly.
4. I will raise all needed support for trip.
Thank you so much for the prayers. I have seen them working!