I’m going to HAITI!!!

So, got official approval on our trip on Friday! I’m very excited, I’m very nervous, and I’m very encouraged. I received an email from a friend today talking about the fear I’m having that God is sending my to another country where I do not know the culture, the language, or if it is even safe! But, I am undoubtedly in God’s grip. And I have this unshakable feeling that that is exactly how it will look when I am there as well. So, I have 9 weeks to prep. 🙂
Last week we learned about the Father heart of God. God calls us his children, which tied into the lesson from the week before when I asked God what he thinks of me, and I got “daughter” We were challenged a lot this week. To look at our relationships with our Earthly parents. This was overwhelming for some students. For me I was so struck by my own parents love, and their desire to love me unconditionally. They were somehow filled with Grace and Patience in raising me. I spent all of Thursday reflecting on how thankful I am for that, and how it has shaped me into who I am today……. Thanks mom and dad. You’re the bomb! (LA BOMBA!)
This weeks prep is learning about the character and nature of God. The verse I have to memorize before Wednesday is: Exodus 34:6 ” And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7 maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation.”
It’s long, but ironically, as I was listening to Gary’s pod cast from a couple weeks ago, he quoted that verse as well, emphasizing that, we have a God of Compassion. So, as God has filled me up with Compassion for the Haitians, I’ve also been reflecting on the compassion he has for me. How much I am learning, and realizing how little I know.
Please pray this week that:
1. I could understand God’s character and Nature in a deep and intimate way.
2. And for my tummy, I don’t drink the water, or open my mouth in the shower, but I’m not feeling super great. I hope it’s not a parasite! PRAY AGAINST BUGS!!!


Things I have learned in Mexico…

These are tips and things I learned while not in school, but are funny, and still useful in life.
1. C is for Caliente! So, after 3 days of cold showers my first week here, I started complaining. Someone finally says, “You realize that the C nozzle is Caliente right? Caliente means HOT” ohhhhhh…. “what’s H?” “H is just H, it’s nothing.” Ok, I’m now super thankful for my Caliente showers.
2. Do not ever acknowledge anyone, ANYONE, who hollers/honks/whistles/waves at you. They will assume that anything, even eye contact, means “She wants me.” And then… Well, I don’t know what then, I’m sure it’s trouble. I don’t acknowledge them, and I’m not hoping to find out. 🙂
3. Bathe in BEER it’s good for your tan. The details of this one are fuzzy, it was a conversation of me speaking english and her speaking spanish. Here’s what I think it meant. The women here rub Beer, YES beer, on their bods before they go out to tan, it makes them…. “glowy and golden colored…?” And it’s a great tan. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m also thinking that the aroma is appealing to the men. 😉
4. “I always have to pee so I’ll be fine” please Mythbusters, bust the pee on jelly fish sting myth!! It’s bound to happen, I love the beach and I love the ocean, I’m going to get stung, and it’s going to hurt really bad. I might be tempted to pee on myself to stop the pain. Is this a myth? Last night a local told me to carry WD-40 because that is a sure way to relieve pain. Yes, I will keep it right here on my tool belt. NOT!
5. Jalepenos on EVERYTHING!!! Even Sushi! It’s served as a side everywhere I go. Try it out, it might make you happy.
** I will add to this list as I continue to learn important lessons in MAZATLAN!

Shout Outs/Prayer Requests

Hey, thank you for reading my blogs and showing me love peeps! Even you mom, I miss you and dad so much. And brag about how awesome my parents are all the time! However, please never comment, “bring it” again, you are embarressing.
Please Pray:
1. That I can somehow have the courage and blessing of going to Haiti to serve.
2. That I would continue to be a sponge here and absorb knowledge in classes, 3-5 hours is draining, but I love all that I’m learning.
3. For out community to bond and love one another, it’s a small base, and a small group. I feel like I’m on a Christian version of the real world. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard sometimes.


Reach out!! Ok, this is the blog you have all been waiting for (side note, if you are waiting for my blogs… I’ll pray for you) So, we found out last week that since our school is so small we have 2 options for outreach location. Mexico City, and Shanghai China. I was so excited. Both seem super cool. I was going to spend the week in prayer and decide which I felt clearly called to. Then, last Thursday something happened, we have a time of intercession prayer on Thursday mornings and last week we were praying for Haiti. As I was praying my heart ached. I desperately want to do my outreach in Haiti. I am crazy. But, this is for real. I felt called. So, I approached my leader and nervously expressed my desire to go. She grinned and said that multiple students and leaders had expressed the same thoughts. She told me that the leadership team was taking extra time to pray, and I should really think this through. So, I did. Nothing changed. My heart goes out to Haiti. And despite disaster, those are God’s children, and when it’s time to go onto outreach in 10 weeks, I think the dust will have settled and the help will be warmly welcomed. So, after waiting, anxiety, stress, and tears, today we heard news. We are a green light for Haiti. YAY! However, things can change very quickly with such a vulnerable country. They are giving us until Friday to decide. But Haiti is an option. I’m praying, and hoping that Haiti is on God’s heart like it is mine. I will update the status of this possibility as soon as I hear more information…. I do ask that as my loved ones you can express your opinions about my desire to go in a respectful way. And be praying for me as I decide. This is a huge decision, that will surely change my life.

Weekends in MAZ

Patience and prayer paid off, the last blog posted, here’s #2. I want to tell you what I did last weekend, because it was such a great experience. The DTS school requires us to either do evangelism, or ACTS (which is service) ministry. I chose service. So last Saturday, and every saturday for the next 3 months I will do a service act. The activities will vary, but this past week we went to a church on the outskirts of Maz. It was incredible. When we arrived the kids came running out to greet us. We played with them, taught them songs, bible stories, and played a bit of soccer. They are so precious. I get so frustrated not being able to speak the language, so I sat with a small boy and asked him to help me with a few words. The best was when he said something to fast, so with a big smile I said, “QUE?”(what?) He gave me a grin and repeated his words very slowly, so cute. After lunch we worked on the pastors house, he and his wife are currently sleeping in a back corner of the church (in the sanctuary!). They were overjoyed to have us there, and the excitement that they will soon have a Home is so beautiful. I am going to Love my Saturdays! I am not a church ditcher…. But, on Sunday I was ready for the beach, so I ditched church. Partly because I was under the impression it is only in Spanish, and partly because of 75 degrees and a beach across the street. So I was sure to download PCC’s pod cast and listen to it during my quiet time Monday! YAY technology! I’m hoping that this will be what a typical weekend looks like for me! 🙂 🙂

Last week, God’s voice…

I don’t know what is going on with this, but I have been trying for 3 days to post a long blog and it hasn’t been working, so I’m going to post a series of short blogs and they will update what has been happening the past 10 days or so.
Where to begin? First off, classes are unreal! I’m completely realizing how little I know about God, but I’m learning so much at the same time! Last week we learned about hearing God’s voice. We prayed that I would hear it, and I DID! As we were learning I realized how many times God has spoken so clearly to me in my life, though other people, billboards… you name it really. Our instructor, was fantastic, she challenged us to ask God, “What he thinks of you?” I was not excited for this homework. Because I have a hard time turning off my own thoughts I went to the bible to hear God speak. I was so affirmed when I read Psalm 45:10, “Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear; Forget your people and your fathers house.” That’s right! God said to forget you! KIDDING! It was a sweet moment realizing, I am God’s daughter. And he wants me to listen to him. I’m going to be a better listener.

Is this working?

Ok i haven’t been able to post a blog so this is just a test, only a test….

Is this working?

Ok i haven’t been able to post a blog so this is just a test, only a test….

Week 1, I survived!!

That’s right! Shayshay the explorer is making it in MAZ! The week was awesome. A lot of what you would typically expect, orientation, games, bonding time, and God time.

I will start with what school is like since that seems to be what everyone is asking about (go figure)… So, from 7-8 is breakfast, then we meet in the lobby for prayer and then we have “quiet time” for an hour. It’s a good thing for me to have forced quiet time, because I don’t typically prioritize God time in my day. And now I do, and I love it! for 9-1 we have class. Classes are pretty interesting. We are either taught to in English or Spanish depending on the teacher and then an interpreter translates as we go. I’ve learned more spanish in a week then in the 3 years I did with school! YAY! We did a lot of orientation last week, but we also talked about what our rights are. The big Question??? ” What do I have the right to?” At first, I said nothing, because God decides, and then I said everything because God gave us free will. But I also have the choice to hang on to things and let them be a force in my life. So, if I am willing to surrender other things in my life that dictate how I live, I can more freely live out God’s will. “What does Shayla have a right to?” my answer….. “my future” it’s been a tough week of realizing, that is not truth. God has already made plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11). We took Friday off from classes and duties to spend time enjoying the beach! YEAH!! Except for one girl who was stung by a jelly fish (the Canadian, from Ontario :), that was so crazy. In the afternoons we are assigned 2 hours of work duties, I’m in charge of sweeping/mopping. I love working, it’s like time for me to just rock out and process classes. But, it’s the first week, in a month I might be hating it.

The other burning question I keep getting is this, “How is it going with so many girls, an done boy!?” It is perfect. God completely placed Sam (the boy) in this community of women for a reason. He fits in well to the dynamic. The other reason I like it, is because the girls are so different, not only language barriers, but personalities, and upbringings, it’s very interesting…. I think that the women (need to stick together, and burn some bras!!! TOTALLY KIDDING) need to build friendships with women. I know myself to be more inclined to spend time with the guys to reduce the drama, having brothers this has always been a pattern to me. I also think that God planned this group of 10 (yeah we are down to 10) to reduce the amount of competition girls often face when in community with males and females. This is an answer to prayer, and a sweet relief to me.

So that’s basically how it is going. Some are also asking for pics, I put some on facebook, but this is not uploading for me 😦 Sorry. The last thing you should know, by 10:00, I am BEAT!

Prayers for this week:

1. We are learning how to hear God’s voice. So that I will learn a lot, and HEAR GOD SPEAK!

2. That the culture adjustment would get easier. (I’m super scared to leave base after dark, and even alone during the daylight)

3. That God would provide the remainder of my financial support since I am finally sending letters this week! (I hope)

**Psalm 25 is pretty boss** (v.7&14) 🙂 🙂


My Address!!

You don’t have to write to me…. but I have heard it’s pretty bomb to receive letters and such. If there is something I need… I need pens (they are like gold here!) and hair ties… If no one volunteers I will make my mom send me some.

Youth With A Mission Mazatlan
Shayla Cantrell
Apartado 734
Mazatlan, Sin. 82000

Gracias Amigos!!! ❤

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