My Heart Screams….

I AM FREE! It’s a Newsboys rip off, I know, but it’s so true. This week was Freedom in Christ week. Our teachers like I mentioned were so amazing. They were able to present a tough subject in a way that was sensitive to the class, but so necessary to speak truth into each of us about reaching into the dark places that are so hard to deal with, and DEAL. This week was nicknamed unpacking your bags week.
Why unpacking our bags? Well the way Doug explained it is like this, we all have sin and “dirt” (stuff from our past that we aren’t proud of, or never deal with). When we accept Christ into our hearts we are forgiven from that sin. But even with forgiveness sometimes we still hang onto the feelings or emotions from those things. Or we never deal with the feelings and store it away. Then, when things get hard we can dig it up and be like, “Hey, I’m like this or that because I had this or that happen to me.” And where that is absolutely acceptable in some circumstances, sometimes we all know it’s just time to deal. Your bags are heavy, time to unpack your bags, get the healing, receive the forgiveness and walk in the faith that we no longer have to live under this cloud of our past or pain. Make sense?
Let me share how we came to this understanding. Doug and Jan asked us Monday to start making a list of lies we believe. I didn’t think I was believing “lies”, I feel like I’m pretty aware of how I feel and that I can form my own ideas instead of listening to the lies others try to press on us. Who’s lying? Well, here’s the first lie I identified that I was believing, I need an education. I love college, I enjoy learning. But I feel like I will be seen as less if I don’t complete college. That’s crap, knowledge doesn’t make me a more valuable person. Jesus didn’t go to college, neither did my parents, and I look up to their lives more than anyone else. Maybe the uneducated know more than we think. (wow there’s a little rant for ya). The next lie, and I’m going out on a limb here, because this is a touchy one for me. Did you know that America’s “standard” for the perfect size is 5’7 1/2 and a size 4….. Hmmmm I heard that and my response, in my head was, “that’s ridiculous” followed by, “I wish I was a size 4.” WHAT?! I believe that lie too!? What’s wrong with me. I’ll say this, me fitting into a size 4 and wearing shoes that give me an inch and a half lift everyday is a lie. I hate that we are bombarded with lies like these and we think that this will bring happiness and fulfillment. LIES! (oh, ranting again.. ps, I’m tired)
Then what… oh yeah, Class got crazy on Wednesday and Thursday. We had the SEX talk. We went through the steps of romance, and talked about soul ties (when we bond ourself to another person through intimacy). We also added any of those to the list that needed to be broken. Friday was awesome. We wrapped up our time praying with one another and our leaders to break the lies and soul ties that hold us in bondage to our past. There was a lot of tears, huge break through, and huge Freedom. One of my favorite weeks…. I say that every week.
So, lastly, maybe… I might have more to add. But, this week it happened… We lost our man. The solo hombre who’s been hangin with the girls threw in the towel on us this week. We’ve known he’s been struggling with the dense estrogen levels on base. But this week God spoke to him about leaving the school and redoing his DTS in September when he can really experience living in community with men. That’s right women, we need to stick together! Let’s burn those bras now!! BAJAJAJA…. Still kidding…
This week is Crusada! OUTREACH! I’m ready for a break from classes after the emotional weight of last week. I feel drained. But this week is super cool, we are running a camp for high school students. We had one kid signed up. Then today when registration opened we had about 30-40 kids show! YEAH! We are splitting into teams and having activities all week long, like paint gun shooting, beach olympics, and concerts. It’s going to be a blast! Pray that the students enjoy the time and grow closer to God while they are here. I’ll try to provide another mid week update.
Have a great week. I’m lovin all the prayers, bless you ❤


Lovin on HAITi

So Jazzed to share about my outreach! But I also want to share this…. A girl on my DTS was wearing a shirt with a peacock on it. A mexican walks up and says, “Oh I love that, ROYAL TURKEY”! I was like excuse me, royal turkey, peacock… Totally fits. I am now calling peacocks royal turkeys, and you should too! YEAH!
Ok, so HAITI!!! We are a GO! Not that we weren’t before, we just didn’t even get confirmed that anyone knew we were coming until this week. So, first big news, we are living/working at an orphanage. If you know anything about me, I love kids. I might never come back! I’m so excited! However, the orphanage is over crammed big time! They have 120 orphans right now! We will be living on their dirt in tents, but the YWAM staff that just started a base there is doing that as well so it’s no big thang. Well, it’s not to me, one girl had tears in her eyes when she heard. Her next question was, “What is the shower situation?” I was like, “We are missionaries! It might be 5 weeks no shower girl!” Sounds like the shower deal is bucket from the well and sponge bath. 😛 BAJAJA But whatever… Ok, what else, we learned a few words in Creol which is the language used in Haiti. I guess when you say, “What’s your name?” sounds the same as “Do you smell?” in Spanish, the Mexicans were cracking up about that.
The last big thing we learned is 2 parts. 1. The team that is starting up their asked if we can bring them $10,000 to start a church. We are praying through that because we already need to raise $2800 each and only one person has all her support raised. But, $10,000 for God is pocket change so I think we are in! 2. We learned that they actually don’t have bank systems in Haiti that we could wire the money to. So we would disperse it amongst the group and go from Mexico City, to Costa Rica, to Dominican Republic, and into Haiti with over $20,000 cash on us (we would also have all the outreach money). <—- If you plan on robbing me along the way, go look at my facebook. I'm a ninja I'd kill you.. And, God wants the money to get there, so He'd protect the cash! AMEN!
The other thing that is challenging me huge and hurting my brain is my ministry. I was told last week that I and 2 others in my group will be leading all the children's ministry stuff, crafts, games, dramas, ect. I was stoked, I love kids! Then I found out there is 120 children, and then I found out that one person I am working with isn't going anymore, and the other is 17 and her parents won't sign the release for her to go. WHAT!? This is crazy! Oh well, I'm not that stressed yet, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and thanks to Caelan and Riley I know that sometimes you aren't creative and kids just want time and attention. I grew up on a farm, sometimes we threw cow chips for fun, we'll work it out….. Ewwww that is so bad, please pray for me. I'm very excited!
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a super blessed day!

HOLY Guacamole!

Just Kidding! HOLY SPIRIT! This week was totally Spirit week. I even got everyone dressing up like in high school. It was super funny!
Ok close your eyes, WAIT… No, don’t then you can’t read this. Open one eye and picture this… A 5’7 middle-aged Italian man, spiked hair, how do I say this…. He could kill me just by poking me. He’s large. Not only is his stature intimidating, he began class something like this, “DO YA KNOW, GOD LOVES YA!? I WAZA PIZZA MAKA!” In the loudest meanest Italian/New Yorker accent ever….. I was like, “Ok, maybe he hasn’t realized it’s a class of girls and we are all about to cry.” But we didn’t. Well I didn’t. And despite his ability to scare the bajeepers out of me, this was my favorite teacher yet. It’s rare that you see a manly man who doesn’t hesitate to brag on the blessing that God has given him. He spoke to highly of his wife and daughters, so refreshing to hear his heart and the truth in his words, he is an extremely thankful man. So cool. That alone was a huge blessing to me.
Ok, now onto what I actually learned. I am constantly reminded how little I know, about everything. The Holy Spirit was another topic that I didn’t have confidence in. I knew there was a HS I knew it was God. But where did the HS come from? When did it come here? And is it really in us? If it is in us, can we really feel it? Some of these weren’t as much questions, but things I wondered here and there. He answered it all. My favorite was that anything he taught us was backed up with the word. He started right at the beginning and dug in Genesis 1:2, “Now the earth wasa formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the SPIRIT of God was hovering over the waters.” Well there ya have it. there has always been a Holy Spirit. I know this can be touchy for people, so if you want me to share more about what I learned please ask. I was just really glad to feel like I have knowledge of it. And I’m super confident about that knowledge because it’s all based on scripture. YAY Holy Spirit!
This weeks topic….. “Freedom in Christ” we will be learning about ourselves. What hurts us, helps us, past, present, future. This is a big week! Previous students say this was a pivotal week for them. The teachers are a retired couple who are legends here. God has already been stirring a lot in my heart. So I’m very excited, and very expectant.
Please pray, for my brain and heart to take in all the knowledge I can. And that God would be hard at work this week. I’d also love prayer for our team. It’s tough to feel completely unified when we have so many different boundaries and interests. I know we love one another, we just need to stay bonded as we prepare for Haiti. Which brings me to… Please pray for the Haiti details to come together! I’ll post an update on the details this far on Wednesday or Thursday! Thanks people who love me, and creepers who came across my blog on Google. Glad you read it!

Jesus, the Cross, and more JESUS!

We stopped for tacos, I decided to only have one, but we were having good conversation, and the tacos were soooo good. Of course I had to have two. I’m totally satisfied with my two tacos. Then Shay says, “I could totally do 3!” So I look at the tacos goddess on the other side of the counter and I say, “THREE IT IS!” Now I have a taco tummy. I wouldn’t feel like I was living a true Mexican experience if I didn’t share a good taco story. Don’t worry, I learned my lesson. I’m sticking with two from now on!
Last week we learned about Jesus and the Cross. The week blew my mind again and again. Our instructor was a pastor from Durango with a lot of spice. He taught in spanish so it was awesome to try to translate the message along with our translator. I’m definitely getting better at understanding. Speaking it is still a struggle.
His main focus was to not make the cross this romantic thing. Like how we all feel like, “awww Jesus totally loved us and died.” It was like a wake up call I was the “awww Jesus totally loved me and died for me, so precious….” It’s actually really sad. Multiple times Saul’s words brought tears to my eyes. This week challenged me to look past some of my own ignorance and see the pain, not just the pain Jesus received, the pain I caused. How did Saul demonstrate this? I’m glad you asked…. On Wednesday he asked us a question, “Who has sinned today?” Well, my hand shot up like a rocket. A few people raised their hands as well. The ones who didn’t were lying so their hands were up in their hearts. Then Saul blindfolded himself and asked us to come up and slap him across the face for each sin (I told ya, spicy). I know this sounds like a freaky masochistic exercise right? I pretty much refused to slap him for a couple minutes… Then I was like, ok the guy is trying to prove a point. So I gave him a couple of slaps. A few other people delivered slaps as well. When we were done Saul said he forgave us before he took of the blindfold. Then he explained the gospel message again, and that we don’t see the pain and agony Jesus suffered, but we are still responsible. Not the romantic Jesus loves me story I kept in my brain.
I was super blessed by all of his teachings and didn’t think it would be that interesting. Jesus died, the gospel message we’ve all heard 3 thousand times, so how can I learn about this for five days and not lose interest. I have no clue. But I did! It was fantastic.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t see Jesus as this angelic beautiful creature who came and did good so I could go to heaven and he’d suffer. But knowing more about the battle and the suffering he went through only made my love grow. Such a great week of classes, still trying to grasp all I learned.
This week is SPIRIT WEEK!! Get out the pom-poms! Just kidding, last week Jesus, this week Holy Spirit!
Please pray, for my heart this week and that the teachings would captive me and interest me. Sometimes I start to drift into daydream land. So I need focus. And that we’d learn more about our trip to Haiti and God would be moving and preparing that. Thank you for the prayers, thank you for the ShayShay Shouts! I love it all!

Making Jesus Lord

That’s the book I had to do a group book report on. It’s written by Loren Cunningham <— founded YWAM, go figure. They make us do a book report each month. Which is great for me since I love to read but never make time. This book was all about how amazing life is when we surrender our rights to God and let Him have control in all areas of our life. It's tough to do. But as the book demonstrates it can be so rewarding. It's basically a book of short stories of how people have done this and been obedient, and how things typically turn out better then they ever would have thought.
Our group decided to write out a living will to God declaring all of out important possessions, ideas, and attitudes God's. You'd think this would be easy, but I had a really hard time. Some of the things on my list were, my car, my laptop, along with other useless possessions. But then there were my attitudes and ideas, I've always wanted to graduate college, that made my list. I also had to surrender my dreams, there's a lot of them. I'm kind of a dreamer, and I know and trust that God will do things even greater than I imagine. I want my dreams to align with His dreams for me. 😀
So after I write out this list of crap that I cling to because it's important to me I continued to realize how little it all means. One of the things on my list was, "my right to a good reputation" I thought about writing that for a long time. I want to have a good reputation. But it shouldn't matter to me what others think. God knows my heart, that's what counts right? But I couldn't get over it. I kept justifying why I want people to think well of me. How silly. "My reputation" officially in the will!. It's in God's hands, along with my car, friends, and family.
Our group explained what we did to our class then we signed each others will's for accountability and dramatic effect (we thought about signing it in blood, but then we thought about that and decided it sounded really stupid)….. It's cool though, it really changed how I thought about things that are "mine" and what I place value on in my life. And I read a whole book in a month. I rarely make time for that! I give it like 3.5 our of 5 stars..
And Hannah G… this blog is for YOU, that's 3 in a week and I know you are the only one reading! XO

Blog about the PEEPS!

Ahhhh my peers, sometimes you guys ask about them. But I want to respect them so I’m going to give limited details… But you’ll get the picture, they are all wonderful!
Luz: A Mexican, she’s tough. She’s whipping me right into shape. A former lawyer from Mexico City. She’s the den mother. I see her as a wisdom seeker. She asks really thought provoking questions, typical lawyer!
Gabby: She’s a sweet heart to the core. She’s semi bilingual so she is typically a peace keeper in my room. When she prays I usually have no idea what she is saying, but I know that it sounds beautiful. I really love this girl!
Charlie: She’s from an island, she catches dragons, she hates vegetables, talks in her sleep (all night long), and loves Japanese cartoons. She’s basically my nine year old sister. But I’ll tell you, this kid is so in touch with the holy spirit. It’s so great, God is her best friend. And she asked a question in class the other day that left the teacher speechless.
Jimena: She’s a doll! Sleeps through anything. Is already a great evangelist. I’m so excited when I have her on my team because it’s like, “oh yeah, we have Jimena, souls are gunna get saved!”
Jania: Country girl! She’s a crack up. Has awesome heart, loves sharing and blessing others. She’s a huge encourager. And she’s from Montana and shoots guns, we get along just fine! 🙂
Christie: Is a Canadian through and through. Makes me laugh until we cry. We’ve already made so many memories. Lifelong friend. And she is so amazingly obedient to God. Inspires me.
Estephania: Darling girl, 17 years old. Loves pink, and disney princesses, aspires to be one (her nickname is seriously princessa). She’s so shy, she starts crying if she has to speak in front of the class. But when she leads children’s ministry she shines. I’m excited to see how God moves in her while she’s here.
Myrel: 2 words, Mexican Barbie! She’s so gorgeous, not just looks, her voice, dancing, style, and how she loves God. This girl is amazing!
Lisa: Valley Girl! HAHA but I totally love it. She’s such a people person. Always puts others before herself. Her sister is a leader here and it’s so funny. They are proudly representing California. “Like WHAT-EVER!”
Ulyses: My baby brother. Doesn’t speak much english, at all. A couple weeks ago when we had to flee the base due to the possible “tsunami” people were bringing valued possessions, Ulyses, brought his Luchador masks (Mexican wrestling). So funny! But it’s been a blessing having a nice guy here, it could have been worse, and I’m thankful for him, and how I’ve gotten to see him grow.
Shay: Also 17, not only are our names closely related, we have so much in common. She’s like my little baby sister. I value our friendship so much. She’s chasing after God and listening to the call He has on her life. And she’s from Tahoe, so it’s going to be sweet to hang out when I get back! 😀
This is the group I’m currently sharing life with! It’s tough sometimes, but so cool how God planned us all to be here in this season of our lives. I Love them all!

VIVA Culiacan!

What a weekend! Thank you all so much for praying for me. The preaching experience was a joy. It was seriously a huge blessing, and a relief it’s over. I was really nervous!
So we left Friday with very limited details about our weekend. I also had no clue what was going on because all I knew is that I was preaching, and I was freaking out! So 3 people were going to have to take the bus to Culi. I volunteered because the busses here have a bad reputation, and I’m all about a sweet Mex bus adventure. I also figured it would give me time away from my peers to pray and focus. And what a BLESSING it was! The bus was fantastic! It wasn’t a nasty bus like most. It was so comfy! We all got to watch movies and rest! God rewards sacrifice… I thought it was a sacrifice. 😛
So once we got to Culi it was late so we grabbed a bite at a “real mall” and hung out before we were spread amongst 5 houses that we’d be staying at. Again, I was super nervous about the sleeping conditions. But what’s a little sacrifice, we can step out of our comfort zone for Jesus. Yeah, Jesus totally worked it out! We stayed in a beautiful home. The family was so accommodating. I got to sleep in a big bed!! AHHHHH, and the rest was so needed!
Saturday was super cool! We went to a Pueblo (small(tiny) town). The church is a little shed on a lot of dirt. So we congregated around and decided to go evangelize in the town for a couple hours and then meet back up for lunch. I’ve never evangelized, and if you’re a faithful blog reader, you know I’m not the biggest fan. But, I like to use my lack of language skills as an excuse. So my group went to a few houses. We even prayed with a couple of people. Then around the 4th house, my leader Cass says, “Ok Shay, you’re up. I’m translating.” UGHHHH!!! She’s bilingual… So, I had to suck it up. If I’m going to preach Sunday I should be able to talk about God on Saturday. So I knock and a lady comes to the door. We ended up getting the chance to talk with the mother and daughter about Christ. I asked her what she knew about Jesus. She said only what people tell her because she and her daughter don’t know how to read. But she loves hearing about God and said that she thinks that God sent us to her! It was way cool. We got to pray with them. And told them where the church was so they will be able to go. It really encouraged me. I had tears in my eyes when I walked up to the door, but I think I could do it again…. Absolutely! 🙂 The day ended up being super amazing. I love that such a tiny community has such an interest in why a bunch of youth would want to come hang out and invest in their town.
Sunday, Sunday…. I can’t even put words to how it felt to share. Wait, I need to back up. We had to get up and leave for the Pueblo at 6:00am. So we arrived and someone from the community had brought us all breakfast! We had tamales for breakfast, and cactus! YUM!! It was so good. Thankfully, because we were told, in a very harsh tone, if any food is placed before us, we have to eat it. And we have to eat it all, because it’s very rude not to! So I finish brek and she asks if I’d like some fish… I was like, “More food!? YES!!!” she placed an entire fish on my plate. It still had a face. The eyeballs were still in the face. This was a problem. I was hearing my leaders threats, “eat it all…. EAT IT ALL” So…. I ate all but the fin and face and it was surprisingly, delish! <—- Had to tell about that, only in Mex. It was crazy! Ok, now onto the preaching part. Like I said I don't have many words to describe, but it was super fun. I felt more comfortable because I was being translated, so I had a few seconds between each sentence to plan my next thought. And about 3-5 mins in I realized that I couldn't be nervous. Because if I'm nervous then all people would see were my nerves. But I wanted people to see my heart. So I prayed hard. And it went totally smooth. My fish stayed in my tummy. And afterwards one of my peers said to me, "I don't care if no one else got anything from your message, God completely spoke to me!" AWESOME! I was so encouraged. It also really built my confidence in my faith. I know I'm not a great speaker. But God showed up! YAY! It was very cool. I feel like I'm just getting warmed up for Haiti!
We took the bus back and I was able to nap a bit. But this weekend was seriously unforgettable for me. It was so cool to put my lessons into practice. Again, thanks to everyone who was praying, it means a lot. I LOVE YOU! And so does God!

I Love LOVE!

That’s one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books, Crazy Love. This week we were asked to memorize 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Our topic was relationships. It was super easy to remember since it’s quoted all the time. We are all about LOVE. I love it! But this week was super challenging when we revisited the topic and were asked is our love always patient, kind, not envious, not self seeking, not easily angered… not holding record of wrongs? uhm NO! The teacher is a pastor from Florida, and he approached the topic really well. For two days we focused on our Relationship with God. Then we focused on other relationships, like with friends…. and the opposite sex. Oh yeah, 11 girls, 1 boy. Class was so FUN!
When we were talking about our relationship with God I was so blessed by his description of our relationship with God being 3 parts in balance with one another, Prayer, Worship, and the Word (being obedient to the word). Then he walked us through why all are such an important part of our routine. Huge revelation in my life. I’m more of a person who will do all 3, but when I have time. Making each a part of everyday life is an awesome concept. It’s been cool having forced quiet time, and it’s kept me on track with trying to at least jot down a couple sentences in a journal everyday. He also gave us great journaling tips that help me so much because I don’t have any clue what to write sometimes (you obviously already know that). He suggested breaking your journal into 3 sections, at the top of the page start with the word “Yesterday” then write a few sentences about yesterday. In the middle write about what you are studying in the bible. And in the bottom write prayers. I just thought that was impressive. I totally plan on using it! YAY! I love God.
Then yesterday it started getting juicy. We talked about conflict, and bitterness/unforgiveness…. He asked if we were hanging onto bitterness, or not forgiving someone. Well, I’m pretty forgiving, I hate being mad at people. But when I went to the beach yesterday God totally placed on my heart certain people who I completely avoid, and yes, I’m holding bitterness. One person I don’t even know!! I’ve never had a conversation with them. I’m mad at them and my heart is so bitter with that persons actions. Why would I hang onto that? That’s so stupid! It still took a lot for me to hand that person over to God.
Then it really got interesting. We have a very candid group of single girls. And since there’s only one boy, and we have no regard for his feelings or ears, we ask it all, nothing is off limits! It’s super awesome! I love the depth and openness of our group. I’m totally seeing why God called 11 women to this DTS. AMEN. It was refreshing to hear how we are called to be in relationships with men, without the worlds perspective. It’s so easy to be brain washed when you watch The Hills, Gossip Girl, and The Bachelor every night. <—- May the record show, I have NEVER watched any of those shows! I just feel like it was so much truth, I was so encouraged and really needed to hear it. Whatever though, boys are GROSS 😉
I posted this early in hopes to impress you and be faithful to my commitment. Since I know I’ll be in Culiacan <—- yeah I was wrong, boo. I wanted to share about my classes this week, and then I will write how my preaching goes next Monday night…. Hopefully. I’m not sure what I’m learning about next week. It’s to far in the future! JAJA But please pray for my trip, I’m taking a BUS (3 people have to take the bus since the van isn’t big enough)! ROAD TRIP! And prayers for my preaching, mostly that I would just have words, and confidence….. yeaahhh :S And safety, lots of safety, Culiacan is GHETTO! Thank you very much for visiting my blog! ❤

Preach it SISTER!

Ok, lets pray really hard this week. So, last week sometime we found out we were going to a little town 3 hours from here (Who-lee-con- definitely the wrong spelling) we were told 3 people will be sharing testimonies, and 1 person would be preaching. This is our first time doing this, and during break I asked my leader if I could preach. WHY? I don’t know, I’d like to think it was because the Holy Spirit moved me, but I was so confident, I was like, “Arey(my leader), I wanna preach. I really think I can do it.” Then break ended and my throat started to close up. I don’t know how to preach. I HATE public speaking. And it’s weird because people tell me I’m super expressive, that I’d probably be good at this kind of thing. But when I am in front of people, I have no expression. So I always pray that sometime in my life I will get to see a miracle. A real, from God, Miracle. It’s TIME for that Miracle! It’s not that I feel pressured, but I feel like some people may have never heard about God before. And this may be the only time they ever hear a gospel message. What if I speak and they are like wow, God sounds mean, or God sounds boring <—– I've thought those things before. I am just really praying that I can share the God that is in my heart. And when I speak, they see me as transformed by God's love. So, maybe just pray that I can convey that message, and that I can have peace and rest this week. And pray for my eye to stop twitching! I hate it! Thank you!

I really wanted

to have a cool battle cry as my title, but all I could think of was, “FREEDOM” from Brave Heart, and that didn’t really fit the mood. Eh oh well, you get the picture.
This week was Spiritual Warfare week! I’ve lost all of my marbles. I learned so much in one week. I can’t even process all of it. I knew very little about spiritual warfare. I am so blessed by our teacher Harmony. She spoke about ways in which we can be attacked, and really emphasized the importance of putting on the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-21). That was my biggest take away from the entire week. As I’ve been processing the week I have been working on something Harmony told us the first morning. 2 Corinthians 10:5 ~We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.~ “take captive every thought” and the bigger goal, “make it obedient to Christ”. I love this verse. So often, I find myself super distracted. Sometimes I’ll be reading my bible and get through a chapter and think, “What on Earth did I just read” I’m off in the ozone thinking about who knows. As I realize this it’s become easier for me to take my distracting thoughts captive. Now I just need to perfect my ability to make them obedient to Christ. But I’m loving the baby steps as I see so much progress, and I look back and I can see that the small changes have brought BIG change in my life.
The update on Haiti is….. There is no update we are still going and communication between our team and theirs has been slow moving. We are estimating a leave date somewhere around April 20th.
It’s pretty wild how time is actually moving quickly…. Kind of. Days are long and we are super busy. But when I reflect I’m like WOW I’ve lived in Mexico 2 months. Today it seems to go quickly, but other days, days when I’m craving coffee, I feel like It’s been years. I can’t complain, it’s always summer here, and when I get back it will be summer again. I get two summers this year! I’m so LUCKY!
Lastly, I’m learning about relationships this week. PRAISE GOD! I’m not super great at relationships, romantic or otherwise. I haven’t quite grasp how God calls me to love others and how to really do relationships well. So hopefully after this week you’ll all see a huge difference, and I’ll be awesome at being your friend! Ok enough rambling…
Please pray:
1. That communication with Haiti and logistics with our trip begin to pan out and we can get more details soon.
2. That I will learn something about relationships. And that it will stir a deeper hunger in me with my relationship with God to grow in new ways.