What the DE EFFE?!

I’M HERE!!! Praise God, I am here, and I am alive! BAJAJA! And after 5 days, 6 churches, unimaginable amounts of food and taco consumption, I’m going to try to sum it all up with one blog. Outreach is awesome! Like so different than anything I expected. I’ll start from the beginning.

Last Tuesday night YWAM Maz kicked 9 girls and 4,000lbs of luggage off the base. We took a bus 15 hours to De Effe (nickname for Mexico city)! It was a sweet bus, like a party bus, especially once I got on! I slept a lot, and my back still remembers the shape of the seat. We arrive, and learn we have to take Metro to a bus to another bus, then we’ll be close to the church. No joke, 2-3 hours just to get us and all our crap here. And we were all in the greatest moods since we hadn’t eaten a meal in a very long time… NOT! Luggage was breaking, and people over packed (not me).. I had to go to my happy place. Once we got to the church, they fed us chicken, and we got happy.

So I really expected to be sleeping on cement floors in a cold damp church. God pleasantly surprised me again. We have this sweet little apartment flat above the church, we have mattresses, hot water, and toilets. I’m a happy camper!

So the past four or five days kind of all blur together. I’m going to sum it up like this, we go to a lot of churches, we preach, share testimonies, do stomp, dance, dramas, then typically they feed us. It’s a win win. I have been to 6 different churches, shared at least 4 different testimonies, and I eat a lot of food! It’s amazing. I love outreach, I knew we’d be busy. But we are like BIZZAY! And it’s not going to stop. We have like 9 days left here, I think. I have no clue what today is. But we are going to rock XOCHIMILCO (our district we are assigned to). Our time here is short, but you better believe they will remember the all girl team that loves JESUS!

Pray for me, right now, please…. That I will be rested, I cannot seem to sleep enough, I’m sure it’s spiritual attack. And for my team that we would be unified and impacting to this community and successful in showing God’s love for the XOCHIMILCANS! Thanks people! ❤


Peace Out Girl Scout!

I wasn’t sure I was ready to leave. Then last night as I was walking home from a walk, Shay and I got chased by a couple of chihuahuas. I know, this sounds redonkulous, but no joke. Two 4lb dogs start chasing us about a block from the base. Shay just started screaming and running, so of course, I scream and run too. Then about two seconds later we realize how stupid we look running from them, stop, turn, and laugh. Their owner was cracking up too. I officially feel like I’m being chased out. Looks like it’s time to GO!

Tomorrow we take off. I wanted to post once more saying thank you all for the prayer and support. It means the world to me that I have a community standing behind me as I walk through this season of life. It’s tough for me to email everyone and skype and call often, I apologize. I really struggle with that. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I pray for all of my friends and family, as often as your names come to my mind. I’ll continue to lift you up and pray blessings over you still. And I can’t wait to see/speak with you and share my adventures with you when I return! In two months!

I apologize in advance for any delays in my updates. I’m going to fight to post at least a little each week. And I’m even going to try to post videos…. Not promising though.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone! I’m here, because people prayed.

He’s got the….

WHOLE WORLD in his hands, the whole wide world in his hands….. This week was the last week of classes, yay! And world missions week, YAY! Our teacher was muy chido (very cool)! He’s originally a Minnesotan gone YWAMer, gone pastor in Mexico City. And he’s been there 25 years. So he taught in Spanish. And he was AWESOME! He taught on Genesis 12:1-3 – Look it up! That’s the verse my friend gave me that encouraged me to come here. Love the way God speaks, confirms, and affirms.

He was the perfect balance of rad mission stories, mixed with scripture, experience, and wisdom. Loved his message. He challenged us to go to the tough places. He spoke about God’s covenant with Abraham a lot. I loved that. And that the great commission is to preach, to ALL the nations, tribes, languages. ALL. Every person should hear the gospel message.

On Thursday we talked about communication. We took this test. And as I’m taking it I’m like this is terrible. This can’t tell how I communicate. It was SPOT ON! I’m a people person. But I was pretty evenly spread otherwise. So I’m also a combo between, ideas, process, and action. But if I get to choose, I love people. It was funny as they described it everyone was like “That’s definitely SHAYLA!” Then he was like, “Advice to people people, Don’t take things so personally!” JAJAJA story of my life. I now plan on making everyone take this test just so I can know how to best communicate with them, or that we are doomed as conflicting communicators!

It was a great last week. I am so ready for classes to be done. It’s time. Outreach is here, time to put my class time into practice! Please pray for my team to be unified as we leave. And pray for me, I know that I struggle with communicating, with patience and gentleness. God’s working on it. So, I’ve committed to not spraying any of my team members with pepper spray when they make me angry. I’m going to stop threatening it as well. Have a great day!

Haiti or Bust!

That’s right, this marathon is getting intense. Just got my second wind. It’s nice. Ok… So what’s the update on the trip. Well, this Wednesday we got our tent assignments! I was assigned to the tent with Ms. Neat, and Ms. Clean. They are already trying to convert me, I’m the soon to be Ms. Tidy. But for now…. Not so much. We also came up with some team goals for outreach.

Goals…. Read the bible cover to cover aloud over Haiti. The word is our sword. Outreach might feel like a battle with the enemy sometimes, so we thought it’d be a smart start to proclaim the word of God aloud over land that was once promised to Satan. With each step we’ll take land for the kingdom.

We’re going to see some miracles. We’re going to start bible studies. And that’s just the beginning. We had a board full of words from God about what he’s going to do in Haiti. I can’t even remember them all right now, and I’m to lazy to run upstairs for my journal. Sorry, you can stay tuned for the awesomeness to come. I’m very excited.

The plan, this is the most accurate plan of action that I know of. And it’s from my memory… So it’s not completely accurate! JAJA! We leave here Tuesday night on a bus to Mexico City. We are working with a group in Mexico City called Mega Cities. Mexico City is Mega, because it holds 28 million people. We’ll be helping out there for two weeks, and stuffing our faces with tacos (my plan, not the staff plan). Then we will fly to Costa Rica, then to Dominican Republic, and then drive into Haiti, around May 5th. Please pray for the safety and sanity of our team. Blessings ❤

Boleto Para Haiti!!

TICKETS PURCHASED!!!! Time to brag on God, like huge bragging. I got in all of my outreach money!!! So, a week ago right now, I needed $1400 for outreach. And I’m a complete lunatic, but I wasn’t freaking out. I was feeling pretty good actually. One of my gifts is Faith. God called me to Haiti, He promised the funds, He has all the money in the kingdom at his disposal. $1400, it’s pocket change, how can I doubt God. So I started praying…..
See, I thought I had my outreach covered, and I actually didn’t. So, I went to a little cafe, ok it was a glorified taco stand, drank coffee, ate tacos, and prayed. I asked God who he wanted me to call, or email about support. And God gave me name after name. I prayed about posting a blog to raise support, but decided that it wasn’t an advertisement. I wanted it to be personal. I sent a lot of emails.
A side note. I know it must seem as though I’ve blown my college fund on tacos, but God has really spoken to me about money over the past year or so. I was raised pretty frugal, like really frugal. So, since I’ve been here it’s been my hugest struggle to spend money. The first 2 months, I didn’t eat tacos, or ice cream… I prayed about every peso I spent. At different times the base has taken offerings for various reasons. I had the hardest time, I feel like God wants me to be responsible with His finances and how He’s provided for me. So, He’s been teaching me a lot about managing my money…. I feel like that whole story had a bigger point. Oh well, back to how God brought the funds.
So I had already seen God bring huge blessings, and I wasn’t sure I’d see anymore money come in. I was beginning to write up plans to rob a bank. Then Monday morning, a couple people got back to me. But none were able to support. Then Tuesday I was like Super Praying. And I got like 3 new sponsors! I was like ok, ok, 3 more days…. God has this! The whole time thinking that God would bring me to the very last second to bring the rest of the money. Later that day I called my mom and she told me someone was trying to reach me. I got in touch with that person, and they were like, “hey, we want to pay off the rest of your outreach.” WHAT!? How is it possible? It’s not due for 3 days, and you want to help now? Because God is soooo GOOD! I feel so encouraged, and so blessed. I have some amazing people who intercede for me back home. Thank you if you prayed, or if you gave, thank you for reading this, because I’m just really super grateful!
Oh, I remembered my point. Later that day, as I was still shocked at God’s provision, I felt like part of my heart that is so tied to money, and worrying about money, and worrying about giving, and how much ect, I’m undone. I’ve been seeking and waiting. And it’s been so challenging, God knows. So, I struggled with pride, and asking for support, but when I stepped out and let God lead my heart. I felt like my heart was really heard. God totally brought my miracle. I’m like so so so happy.
So, here’s the not so sunshine and rainbows part. Six girls still need funding, five, have less that $500 of the $2,800 we need. The price of their ticket will be increased. But the now have until Friday to get it in. If it doesn’t happen they will have their entire outreach in Mexico City. So, please pray for them, and if you are reading this. And something stirs in you to give, maybe it’s the Holy Spirit. Let me know, they’d be so happy to take your money.
This week has by far been one of the most amazing roller coaster emotion weeks ever. Thank you for reading about my life, it’s exciting. I leave, in 9 days!!!

Transform the World!

That’s the plan. I had no clue what biblical world view was. I thought it was reading the bible, and relating it to the world, and having a personal view of that… I got all the words in that way. Not really the idea though.
Our teacher, Jose, another spanish speaker! YAY… Not a fan of Obama, like not at all. I’m not a huge fan myself, but I think of Romans 13, all about submission to authorities, and I’m like well, God placed Obama in office, so I’m going to pray for him. This guy was ranting, it was 2 hours of Obama Drama. Oh, anyways, biblical world view. So he taught a lot of history, which is boring, but I like it, when it’s not weird Obama tangents. But how crazy that America was founded on the morals and values of  wanting religious freedom, and now it could get your kid suspended to speak of God, or pray in school.

We focused on transforming our minds. Romans 12:2 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” I love that it tells us to test so we can approve God’s will. Because God’s dreams are way better than anything I could dream up. And I think when we transform our mind, we are really trying to see clearly what God has for us. Last night I was chatting with a friend who basically feels like his mind and his focus is mirky water. God is the artist, and he’s dipping his brush in the water to clean it, and the water is getting all funky. It needs to be changed. God is a good artist. He knows the water needs to be changed. So if our mind is feeling like the mirky water, we need to ask God to transform our mind, and change the water.

The other focus from his point that I loved was working. We see our jobs as a means to an end. Paycheck, that’s it. But that’s our mission field. Missionaries aren’t just called to the ends of the Earth. Schools, hospitals, grocery stores, all need missionaries. It’s a heart attitude not a location. And he said, “Work as much as you can.” WHAT? We (I’m speaking for America) are taught we should work as little as possible for as much as possible. So the more we can get away with giving less effort, the happier we’ll be, because we won’t be working as much, because work is punishment. That’s not true. You choose your job, and you can choose your attitude. If you are in a job and you hate it, that’s your own fault. Someone wise told me that, he’s my dad.
So this week I learned, I am a missionary, because I say I am. Not because I live with an indigenous tribe, not because I sleep on dirt (I don’t, yet). But because I do whatever my calling is, for God. Or at least that’s my plan.
This week was tough on my focusing abilities. All I can think about is Haiti, and food. But I have Haiti on the brain! Thanks for reading my blog. Last week of classes this week. Pray I can keep my head on straight and regain focus.

Semana Santa, HOLY WEEK!

Not Claus. HOLY WEEK! Jesus has risen, He’s alive!!! YAY! So blessed by this day. And no, not because of the peeps and chocolate rabbits. I haven’t had either. I have gained a new respect for the gospel message. God totally met me and spoke to me this morning about the death of sin, and being made new and alive again in Christ! LOVE HAS RISEN! Whoot whooot!! I still want a chocolate bunny though.
This week was also a type of spring break here. The beach was redonkulous. I couldn’t believe how many people oiled up and packed on the sand. I stayed far from that scene, by choice. We had the high school camp here. We relocated the camp to the base because there was a shooting at the place we were going to have it. Even with the date and location change, we had a ton of kids come out. It was a pretty sweet summer camp. I must say, I felt lucky that I didn’t really have to plan, or organize. I was a participant. I did however sleep on the floor in the girls room. Even though it was restless, I was so blessed by young women seeking God’s heart. Wednesday was the end of the camp, 😦 also sad, was my paint ball skills. I’m a great shot (THANKS DAD). But I must have looked like a chicken with it’s head cut off, running around the dirt lot trying not to get shot. A girl on my own team shot me from about 4 feet away. Yes, it’s a gnarly bruise! Then I decided I needed to unload the rest of my rounds on the Mexican girls since they hid the whole time and weren’t getting their moneys worth if they didn’t get shot at least once… Once, HA. Oh, then I ran out of balls (paint) in like 5 seconds, I surrendered. They turned on me. I had 14 orange spots. I looked like a wounded giraffe. It was a pretty shameful awesome time.
That night the parents came to retrieve their adolescence. We had an awesome time of sharing. One kid told a story about how he wanted to badly to attend the camp and his mom couldn’t afford it, so 30 minutes before he came he had sold his skateboard for 300 pesos (less than $30). Since our YWAM has a skate ministry we found a new board and gave it to him. With tears he thanked us and explained how faithful God has been. He talked about how badly it hurts right now, that his parents are fighting and separating. God made him a promise that he will never leave him. Such a beautiful testimony from a teen struggling to grasp God’s love. There was not a dry eye in the place. Another huge highlight from the night was when we were able to pray over the students and their parents. Again, tears were flowing. I felt a huge spirit of healing for the communication of the teens with their parents. I was also able to preach again! I felt so much more confident in my words. The Holy Spirit totally prompted me to ask Chris to let me share. It was sweet, I totally boast in the Lord on this one. I am not a good speaker. But God brought that message! So exciting.
Now, it’s time to flash back down memory lane. See a pinch of little Shayla. Spring breaks of my childhood were spent, “picking rock”. What is picking rock? It is literally picking up and clearing rocks from the field. I did this every spring break. We would fight over who got to drive the tractor, because that was a like a break. One Easter after Sunday service, we picked rock. It was like bonnet off hard hat on. I had the most bomb childhood. But I was thinking about that because after our camp we all had to gear up and scrape and paint the base. I’m a morning person, and apparently I was doing manual labor soon after exiting the womb so I was stoked to work on my spring break. I’m so serious. I do some of my best thinking while I’m busy doing tedious tasks. So I was glad to pass the time processing all that’s happened the last couple weeks. God’s bringing huge revelation, I’m feeling good. All in all, it was a sweet semana santa!
This week we learn about biblical world view….. or something like that. Since I have no clue what that is, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. We have 2 more weeks of classes before we ship out to De Effe. It’s coming!!!!!