What the DE EFFE?!

I’M HERE!!! Praise God, I am here, and I am alive! BAJAJA! And after 5 days, 6 churches, unimaginable amounts of food and taco consumption, I’m going to try to sum it all up with one blog. Outreach is awesome! Like so different than anything I expected. I’ll start from the beginning.

Last Tuesday night YWAM Maz kicked 9 girls and 4,000lbs of luggage off the base. We took a bus 15 hours to De Effe (nickname for Mexico city)! It was a sweet bus, like a party bus, especially once I got on! I slept a lot, and my back still remembers the shape of the seat. We arrive, and learn we have to take Metro to a bus to another bus, then we’ll be close to the church. No joke, 2-3 hours just to get us and all our crap here. And we were all in the greatest moods since we hadn’t eaten a meal in a very long time… NOT! Luggage was breaking, and people over packed (not me).. I had to go to my happy place. Once we got to the church, they fed us chicken, and we got happy.

So I really expected to be sleeping on cement floors in a cold damp church. God pleasantly surprised me again. We have this sweet little apartment flat above the church, we have mattresses, hot water, and toilets. I’m a happy camper!

So the past four or five days kind of all blur together. I’m going to sum it up like this, we go to a lot of churches, we preach, share testimonies, do stomp, dance, dramas, then typically they feed us. It’s a win win. I have been to 6 different churches, shared at least 4 different testimonies, and I eat a lot of food! It’s amazing. I love outreach, I knew we’d be busy. But we are like BIZZAY! And it’s not going to stop. We have like 9 days left here, I think. I have no clue what today is. But we are going to rock XOCHIMILCO (our district we are assigned to). Our time here is short, but you better believe they will remember the all girl team that loves JESUS!

Pray for me, right now, please…. That I will be rested, I cannot seem to sleep enough, I’m sure it’s spiritual attack. And for my team that we would be unified and impacting to this community and successful in showing God’s love for the XOCHIMILCANS! Thanks people! ❤


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  1. Candice said,

    April 26, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    Praying for you to have good, sweet rest…physically and mentally. Praying for good leadership and teamwork on your outreach. love you!!

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