Not A Big City Girl….

Sad. Love big cities. I love the energy. But I’m worn out. I need to move slow sometimes. I need naps. I need to breath when I’m forced to take public transportation. Don’t get me wrong, De Effe is SICK!!! And this 1st phase of outreach has blown my mind. It’s already way beyond any expectation I had. I guess I just have a taste and I’m ready to jump into Haiti.

So roughly, this is how the last two weeks have looked. We start the day either evangelizing or interceding, then we plan who will go to what small group or church service where. Then we pray and decide who will share. And that’s it. Simple, but super busy. I have not said the word “bored” in a long time. I have fallen in love with Mexican culture. Their values really bless me sometimes. There’s a strong sense of pride, and ownership. People here are born with the gift of hospitality. I love the hug with a kiss on the cheek to greet people. I’m taking that home. I’m kissing everyone. It’s rich, it makes me feel so loved! There are things that I hate here as well. And I keep reminding myself that if I look for the bad I will find it, but I’m going to look for the good. I’m a glass is half full type girl. So, I love you Mexico City. But I think it’s time we part. I’m going to Haiti. But I hope to see you again someday.
This week…. Like Tuesday, pray for our travels!! Not only safety, but also people’s attitudes, and rest, and energy. It all comes into play. Please pray for me personally that I can feel valued as a team member even with the lack of spanish skills. I think that’s all. Thanks blog readers. I love you! I will update seriously ASAP. I’ll try to post a VLOG on FB as well! <—- A lot of acronyms! LOL


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