I’m HERE!! All the months of praying, and waiting, and worrying, and thinking, and praying. This is real life! I made it!! I’ll start with the trip, I don’t want to leave anything out! 😉

We left Mexico City at 4:00am on Tuesday morning. I had gone to bed around 1:30am (thank you Bristol Connor, chatting with you was so worth the lack of sleep!) We flew from there to Guatemala, yeah I’ve been to Guatemala, how cool. From there we had a four hour layover where I completely crashed on the floor, until the security man asked me to wake up and put my shoes on. So around 3:00pm we took off to Costa Rica. And with a 20 minute layover we barely made our plane to Dominican Republic. We landed in the DR around 1:00am. It had been a looooong day, but I was still jazzy. round 2.

As we stood waiting for luggage I felt that it was important to pray for our luggage to arrive. You see, one lost bag, and we’d be in a pickle, there would be no way to get it to us for six weeks. So I prayed over baggage claim. And I called it. I looked at a girl and I said, “You know, while I was praying I felt like my sleeping bag won’t make it… OH WELL, one less thing for me to carry.” Who hit the nail on the head? Me that’s who. So I wasn’t stressing out when it surely didn’t show, I miss my nice pillow though. We took the big van to the base and got there at about 2:00am, that’s when they dropped the bomb. Our ride was coming to get us at 4:00am!! Ok, all nighter!! So we had another early adventure. But I crashed about 6 minutes after we left and didn’t wake up until the sun was out, that was some very needed rest. It took us 2 hours of waiting at the boarder to cross into Haiti, sounded like an ordeal, but I had my eyes close so I couldn’t really tell ya about it. Then GLORY TO GOD we arrived.

I knew I arrived when I saw pile after pile of rubble. Then it really began to sink it that a disaster was still a fresh wound for the Haitians. We got to our home away from home around 2:30pm Wednesday (I think, I think it’s Thursday, hold on… Yeah, it is. I checked.)

The casa, as you know is an orphanage. It’s beautiful. It currently houses between 130 and 160 orphans. The best part, it’s a special needs orphanage. I think the need is love, definitely love. We are sleeping in tents, I love it! I hope I can still say that in 4 weeks. But last night we had like a serious flash flood or something, it rained super hard for like 2 hours straight, it was like 9:00pm so I jumped in my tent, and I needed a swim suit, it was WET! We were not sealed up. I moved things around and made it work, it was a damp night sleep…. Welcome to missions.

Today, was fantastic! I used a MACHETE!!!! Yeah, so yesterday the city officials of Port Au Prince signed 12 acres over to YWAM for the new base and to build new houses! To celebrate we went out and prayed and worshiped on the land. OH MY GOSH, awesome side note/tangent. There’s this Columbian televangelist guy here. And he brought this like extreme camera crew and worship group right. So they came along and he shows up with anointing oil, I’m all for it right… Oh wait, it was a two gallon jug! I was like, “Uh hey pastor, we anointing the land or fryin chicken!?” Then he anointed me, and I still have oil in my hair. So hilarious. I have more stories about him too. So we worship, do our thing, then they drop this box at our feet. MACHETES!!! Like 30 of them. So I grab one like lets do the dang thing right? If you have a machete in your hand, you are expected to use it. Yeah it’s sooooo hard. Blisters. So I watched some Haitians and copied their technique. You have to flip your wrist when you make contact with the tree, and pull through, makes solid cuts. In case you ever find yourself using a MACHETE (I make an mean face every time I type that word. I think it’s so cool. Say it out loud a few times, you will too!).

So tonight was also awesome. After dinner they loaded us up, by the way, there is two other teams here, they arrived this week. One is from LA and one is from Jamaica. We went to the palace. It’s like crumbled in the front, kind of represents the whole city. As we drove through I rode in the back of the pickup and you really get to take in the devastation. I didn’t realize, but they still don’t have electricity. at night this city is a very very dark place. the only business that could afford to run a generator was a bar, and it was over flowing, not really surprising. There are crushed houses and piles of rubble everywhere. Some people sleep in tents in front of their houses because they think there will be another earth quake. The smells, sounds, and spirit of hopelessness, I can’t really take it all in. We got to the palace just as the water truck rolled up. So we made two assembly lines and unloaded a dump truck filled with bottled water. Then we worshiped at the palace, then another truck came and we unloaded it too. God knew we were working hard and needed cooled off so He brought another flash flood. It was great!

I really love Haiti. It’s surreal to be here. Please be praying for me. They warned us about the “spiritual climate” here, it’s hard to explain, but it’s depressed, and lonely, and there’s this hopelessness that hangs over Haiti right now. And just being here, I feel it. And pray that I could rest up from all the chaos. But now, I’m spent. Good Night, and God Bless.

Outreach is great



  1. Jennifer Morrissey said,

    May 7, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Shayla..you are my hero..keep safe and we are praying for you back here in Redwood City. xo Jennifer

  2. Micah said,

    May 7, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    That’s so awesome…i;m totally picturing myself with you right now. I wish i was there…It sounds amazing.
    Flooding…welcome to outreach! That’s my idea of outreach. All or nothing. We’re praying for you guys and hope everyone is well and safe.

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