Petionville Meet Shayla

That’s the tent city we’ve been assigned. To clear the air, yes, Sean Penn manages a tent city in Petionville, no it’s not this one, no I haven’t met him or Anderson yet. Yes, I need prayer about that. 🙂 Let’s get down to business. So Friday we got a grand tour of our very own tent city, just for us. We get to evangelize, pray, and love on the little city for the next five weeks. I hope they are ready, it’s about to get CRAZY!

From what I gather we are at a tent city on the wealthier side of town. The people haven’t ever been homeless. Have you seen the pictures of the nice big $300 tents? You know all the money donated bought thousands of those. our tent city doesn’t have any. It’s actually a parking lot/town square which now house 1,157 families. It’s looking like those tarps will be home for the next year plus. The people of Petionville bring a mix of emotions. I should explain that Haitian culture is VERY different. Two guys could be talking about how much they like baseball and for me it sounds like there is about to be a war. People here are LOUD, yes, louder than me. And they speak aggressively. It’s hard to explain, but they are intimidating, and intense. So when we toured our city I first met a group of women. Definitely some mixed feelings. One woman wanted us to sit down right there and start a bible study. She was a feminist for sure! But the woman behind her asked us if we had food and told us to leave her alone if we didn’t. So from this point we had about an hour with our group of five to tour the city. The leader was so excited to have us there. He knew we wanted to pray for people so he had people for us to pray for.

First he brought us to a tent with an older woman who hadn’t been able to walk even before the quake. She also had no close friends of family to take care of her. We prayed for her and before we could say “amen” he was rallying us to our next group of elderly women. That group was divided as well. One said, “The white people are good.” the other asked if we had food and told us to leave. The whole time we were walking around you see the aftermath of devastation. People missing fingers, some arms or legs. You can’t miss the massive wounds especially on children. They’ll have brutal scars the rest of their life marking them and reminding them of the quake. As we walked to the next tent a pregnant woman shouted an obscenity at us. She then apologized and looked ashamed. Our translator exchanged some words with her and it was obvious to us that she had something bad in her. She asked us to pray for her and begged us to come back and to not forget to check on her when we did. We had to leave soon and the leader knew, he wanted us to visit one more woman. The next tent was a 79 year old women. Her tent was so hot that she just lay their naked, feeble, hopeless, every breath was clearly a struggle. We prayed for her and one person felt that God wanted her to receive salvation and peace. We cried and prayed over her. Her eyes were so weary, she was so hungry for love. That was hard. I sighed as we left the tent because I knew we had to get back and I was dripping sweat. But oh wait, the tent city leader had brought the people to us! He knew we had to leave so he brought us two children with severe disabilities to pray for before we left. Of course we prayed! There is so much need. I just cried. I knew it would be hard, and I knew I’d cry, I’m a baby about this stuff. But as sad as it is I have this supernatural peace. God has prepared me to be here, even if I don’t feel like it. he has called me here, and he will use me.

I love our tent city. I’m blessed to be called to minister and disciple the Haitians there. We’ll be going there five days a week for the next five weeks, so they better not waste any time falling in love with me. I’m going bring them God’s love, and I think they have a lesson for me as well.

So, the blog. I’m going to try to be direct and real and account for the wonderful things God does. I’m not going to sugar coat it…. This is as much for me as it is for my loved ones. I hope to read back on these in the future and remember the journey. So I really apologize if you think it’s over doing it, to many details, or not being sensitive…. But it’s kind of a blog, I’m writing it, so I don’t care. Just felt I needed to throw that out there. Thank you for reading!! This week, obvious prayer Petionville! That my team and I would be received well, for healing, miracles, and the hearts of the Haitian people to be soft. I love you America and Mexico! I miss you and your clean bathrooms!!!!! ❤


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