Tales of Haiti

You asked for stories… Well not you specifically. But that seemed to be the request as I’ve received some feedback. Stories, stories? Well, where do I start and which stories do I tell. I can tell you about the challenges I’ve faced here. Personal and as a team. Let’s start with a few of those then I will share the blessings, that way we end on a good note.

So, a few memorable moments. About a week ago we were at a tent city and I saw this woman lingering between tents watching us. I brought a translator over and asked her what was up. She spilled right over. Her husband had died. She had two boys (9 and 11) and she fought back tears as she explained that she couldn’t take care of them anymore and she was planning on dropping them off at an orphanage soon. I prayed for her then just hugged her and cried. I can’t imagine having that kind of pressure and decision weighing on my heart. The other thing that has been hard for me is the kids. I love playing with the kids and holding them, and I thought it was so cute that all their cute little belly buttons poke out. I would always be just rubbing their tummies, and pushing the button back in, they look pregnant. Then someone explained that they are malnourished and their stomachs are inflamed. The belly button poking out is not cute, and it’s hard to look at now. Another sign of malnourished kids is when their hair is light colored or a reddish tint. This whole time I wondered if the parents in my tent city bleached their kids hair, or if it’s from being in the sun all day. They aren’t getting enough nutrients. I don’t understand that.

Some of the blessings of my time in Haiti has been the awesome openness in our tent city. I love praying for them. And sometimes I doubt that my little prayers mean anything. But then when I see someone I prayed for last week and they light up to see me, and ask me to come over and pray for them again. I’m like, “YES LORD!” I’ve also met a few moms, with brand new babies all less than two weeks old. I’ll talk to the mom’s about the baby and ask if we can pray to dedicate the baby to God and pray for the parents. It’s so awesome. One mom was completely stunned with the idea that dedicating the little life to God could mean so much. It’s cool when you see people really taking in what you say, and thinking it through. We had huge break through with our tent city. Sadly I’m not sure we’ll be working with them after this week. But our time there so far has been rich and super blessed.

So remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned the super old woman we prayed for who could hardly breath? Well yesterday we checked up on her and realized she had been having a super hard time swallowing and breathing and needed to be taken to a hospital to get fluids in her and hydrate her again. We carried her cot onto the bus and drove her to the nearest clinic. We were fighting against time literally because we had to leave our tent city before the riot started. Yesterday it was in our area of town and it’s super unsafe to be hanging around. So we take her to the clinic and they say that they are over booked and can’t care for her anyways, because she needs to stay over night. So we prayed and decided to take her back to her tent and return first thing in the morning to take her to the hospital. She died a couple hours before we arrived this morning. In the moment I wanted to be sad, and I totally hurt for her daughter, who has been with her 24/7 for months and months. But there was this amazing peace with knowing she wasn’t fighting to breath anymore. She’s in the presence of God, enjoying eternity. That’s a blessing.

Haiti needs to step it up. I’m so annoyed with the health care and how people are being treated, if they get treated. I know we are in a third world country, but I keep asking myself how many people will die of negligence. Pray for this nation. And please pray for my heart. Thank you for keeping up on my life. It’s amazing, it’s difficult like I thought it’d be and I really do love it. And it’s been cool to share it with everyone. Happy Flag Day Haiti! (I know, kind of a lame excuse for a holiday…. FYI, US Flag Day is June 14th I’ll be 22, we should just celebrate me.)


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  1. Candice said,

    May 27, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    wow…sorry to hear about that death and the effect of the lack of adequate health care on the people around you. I know that must be so hard! Thank God that you all are there, shining his Light, showing His LOVE, and being His hands and feet!

    i’m excited to celebrate you!!

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