Gato… Not Goat?

You mean to tell me I ate cat?! Like meow, purring by the fire place kitten? Garfield, Felix, Baby Jaguar?! That’s right, I ate cat. In my defense, I didn’t know it was cat, I’m sure that doesn’t make any difference. And as you can tell, the mountains of Haiti were Fantastic!

Wednesday morning we scooped up our lovely Amber, visiting from Mazatlan for pastoral care, and headed into the mountains outside of Port-au-Prince. We didn’t get out of the city before we had a wild adventure…. Someone (no names here) had a bathroom emergency and we had to stop at a top name hotel to handle the situation. That was only a taste of what was to come. After getting us way into the mountains we came to a road that was no longer acceptable for driving on. My heart said get ready to hike. But the leader said, “We’re taking motorcycles!!!!!” YAY! That was wild. Dirt roads the whole way. Sometimes completely washed out, you just close your eyes, hold your breath, and pray. My motor cycle driver made me get off and walk up the big hill. but we made it. Six miles down the death road, there amongst the Haitian jungle there was a small community. I thought, welcome to Little House on the Prairie meets Haiti. No electricity, no beds, no indoor plumbing, and NO INTERNET (no facebook! OMG)!

The next three days included some of the best hiking I’ve ever experienced, along with tons of rain, and awesome so needed God time. Without electricity we were forced to go to bed at 7:30pm, I got so much beauty rest, it almost canceled out the lack of showering for 6 days smell. We adventured what I can honestly say must be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. What a gift my time away was. I highly recommend everyone to power down once in a while. It’s good for your brain to not think, “I wonder what’s going down on FB, or, I wonder how many unread emails I have.” Those thoughts make you very boring. Unless you get online to read my blog, if that’s the case, power on friends! (That was a shout out to you mom… LOVE YOU!) Also while in the mountains I found time to ride a horse, ok, it was a glorified donkey, or goat… I was two feet taller than it, and I’m pretty sure when I got on it thought it was being punished. But now I can say I road a horse on the Haitian countryside, and that’s the memory I choose.

Yesterday, I almost died. TWICE. Once, we went to visit a house of a friend, they were kind enough to cook us chicken and rice. But, without electricity you don’t have a fridge, so the chicken sat out for what I’m guessing was a very long time. It tasted like a bathroom, and as you know in missions, you eat everything. With tears running down my cheeks I choked (literally) every last bite down. Then just when we were about to escape, back up the hill to the church it started raining, near death experience number two. We prayed and felt that a couple people should keep hands raised like Moses to keep the rain up while we took the long trail back. The rain created a sweet muddy dangerous adventure feel to our hike. I felt like I was on Amazing Race, I could not walk. My tennis are moldy (another story) so I’m stuck in flip flops for the next week for so. But with the lack of traction on my flips I went bare foot. My feet hate me! OUCH! But I am alive, yes, amen, I AM ALIVE. Today we adventured back, on the motorcycles, and it was time….. I took my first shower in six days. It was like Pantene commercial. Best Shower EVER!

Hey, thanks for checkin the bloggy blog. It’s my last week in Haiti so please pray for me however you feel led to pray. God will tell you what I need. I’m getting itchy to get home and see all your beautiful faces!



  1. lisa cantrell said,

    June 3, 2010 at 12:44 am

    oh Shayla your Dad and I pray that you prayed an extra blessing on your meal of meow mix!! after reading the Bible many times nothin is said about a CAT!! yikes -you probably always thought my cookin was redneck! we luv you and look forward to a big ol steak with ya. (but always remember that everything taste like CHICKEN!!!!!!) LOVE DAD AND MOM

  2. Anissa said,

    June 10, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Thinking of you Shayla and praying for you!

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