Blessings In Haiti

So, I have been super unfaithful to my blogging commitments. 😦 But, here I am to update you on my last week in Haiti, and the rest of what God has been doing. Lets see if I can squeeze it all in.

Last week of Haiti was pretty life changing. We spent two days building a bridge on the land for the new base. It was so symbolic of how God is going to use the base as a new outlet for people to cross onto new grounds and know God. We all 9 girls and Abel, were in charge of carrying buckets of cement from the mixing area to the bridge, super hard work. I felt like I was ending strong, or weak, I felt weak, but in the moment, I was strong. 😀

Ok, now to the life changing part. The last Saturday we were in Haiti we decided to work since we had a lot of time off after the mountains. So our Haitian translator Jude knew of an orphanage in his town that needed some serious help building a bathroom. Almost everyone on the base wanted to go so we decided to put on a program for the kids while the men did, “man work”. It was my last kids program of outreach so I really wanted to end strong. Shay and I planned a little program and I was hoping we could hold their attention for an hour before we all gave into the heat and let the lazies take over. We had the best program EVER! It was amazing. The kids were so well behaved, there was only about 30 so it was really managable. We told them about God being our shepherd and we need to listen to his voice, then we had them use cotton balls to make sheep. Once they all finished I decided to help them practice being sheep, we marched around the yard baaa-ing and laughing. It was the best. After a mango snack a little boy brings me a chair to sit in. I took that sweet little gentleman in my lap along with another adorable girl and had the best nap. Nothing compares to that feeling, God used me, as his vessel of love into these precious little lives. It was a beautiful morning.

Part two was our afternoon on the beach. After lunch we had the afternoon off to go to a nearby beach and soak in a little more of the Caribbean. somehow there ended up being five kids from the orphanage that came along as well. One boy, Valter, decided to keep a piece of my heart. I had noticed him making his sheep. He was super talented. He put more time and detail into his sheep than anyone else. And he’s like seven years old. As crazy as it sounds he just really blessed me, he kept coming and showing me and smiling and hugging me, then he’d leave and work on it some more. At the beach he just ran around along the edge, I went over and waved him in and was shocked when he climbed on my back and let me take him in. Once the water was above my shoulders he clung on tight. He would take water in his hands and pour it over my head, then he’d rub his cheek on my hair and give me kisses. Something so simple was so meaningful for me. I think it was so special to me because I’m so used to having to share my time and attention between tons of kids. Then, when it was just one I was able to give him my full attention. Valter, is a very special boy, I won’t forget that day. When he climbed off my lap on the bus and turned to hug me goodbye I completely lost it. He wiped my tears for me, gave me a kiss and left. It’s pretty unbelievable that in a few short hours, even without speaking the same language, you can make a very special friend.

I spent my last two days in Haiti feeling like Saturday was a special blessing for me. I’ve never felt more affirmed in my calling. I don’t care what I do, and there isn’t a lot that I’m great at. But I love working with children, and it really built my confidence that I’m meant to be working with children in some way or another. So, we left Haiti, Monday morning. It still doesn’t feel real. It’s a complete blur. God did so much, how do I summarize my time there. I’m just really thankful.